January 1, 2016

Why are most New Year's resolutions ineffective and guilt-riddled when it comes to eating healthier? Because at no other time during the year do we pre-empt a cleanse with such heavy hitting indulgence and excuses to eat whatever we want. Come January, we literally have to go cold turkey and drop all our cravings, habits, and indulgences that we gave into for the 5 previous weeks. It's so easy to think about going on a cleanse in January than to actually do it, so we put off getting healthy until then and eat and drink to our heart's desires while reaking havoc on our poor bodies. The colon ends up with the brunt of the mess and we too often forget the amount of toxic waste in our system building over time as we intantly gratify our mouths with holiday treats. So we end up pretty much wiped out by Dec. 31. On January 1, we wake up ready to go cold turkey, eliminating sugar, flour, meat, gluten, dairy and just drink green juice. Every seasoned cleanser will tell you that you will fail miserably if you expect to stick to the cleanse past the first day. Every successful cleanse is prepped with at least 3 days of dietary adjustments. Even the Master Cleanse tells you to never start on the Lemonade Detox without a 3 days of preparing your body for such extremes. Going off the Holiday Food Truck abrutly will send the body into a very uncomfortable cleansing crisis with harsh side effects and we all know that getting back to work and life after New Year's is hard enough that the last thing we need is to be extremely uncomfortable. Which is why this year, I set out to find a better way to undo the damage (or avoid it entirely) than a cold-turkey New Year’s resolution. This year, I will start my New Year's Cleanse right after Thanksgiving, a Post Turkey Detox if you will, or rather a Pre-Festive Cleanse.
Build your healthy habits now and be proactive, instead of punishing yourself unfairly later. When you’ve established good eating habits, it’s much easier to pass on the holiday treats and choose wisely. To start: No dairy, gluten, or sugar. Try adding cold-pressed juices to help curb the cravings—not a juice cleanse, mind you, but a more balanced, supplementary approach. Adding nutrient-rich items like cold-pressed juices to your daily routine in the days leading up to a cleanse can help you stay on track during the holidays. Taking it slow with eliminating certain foods one week at a time and adding more plant based foods will set you up for success. To supplement the transition, get at least 1 colonic before the New Year to help your body adjust to new nutrient rich choices and let go of the toxic choices of 2015. Then after the New Year, when you're ready to really devote yourself to a detox, your body will not go through such terrible withdrawals and it will certainly take things a little easier as you nourish it from within.
This is a journey that starts now, not January 1st. The choices you make now will affect your New Year's Resolution and your new year entirely. I hope all of you will find a path that works for you and know that I am here to help with your journey. This holiday season, I am so grateful to be touched by so many of you who have shared your story with me and hope to be a part of your healthy choices in the New Year.


January 7, 2016

Ever wonder why we take a deep breath when we are stressed? It's the body's natural response to feeling distress. Breathing alleviates the tightness and constriction brought on by anxiety. The intestines become constricted and that is why we feel "knots" in our stomach. This is so hard for me sometimes to remember my breath.  After all the yoga I've taken in my life, I should know this by now, but it remains to be the last thing I do and the first thing I forget.  I have started meditating this year, although have yet to keep it a daily practice.  I've read so many studies that meditation helps heal the brain from addiction, trauma, and anxiety.  I know it is directly correlated to my digestive system because when the brain is calm, the tummy is too.  Every time I get upset, I lose my appetite.  I could be absolutely famished, but one distressful experience will throw me into a hunger strike.  Some people eat when they're anxious, but I'm the opposite.  I eat when I'm happy and peaceful.  As a chef who spent years in a stressful environment, people always wondered why I didn't eat more?  I rarely ate much in the kitchen, mostly because there was no time, but certainly because my nerves were on edge all day.  Transitioning into a new career of holistic health, I've decided to stop the daily stress on my adrenals and keep anxiety at bay by breathing.  I want a healthy appetite and I love eating.  Breathing is my biggest challenge but it is my main goal this year for a healthy colon.  I'm going to breathe deeply and remember my second brain is in my gut. Emotional health is connected to my digestive health. Gotta Breathe deep and LET IT GO.

January 15, 2016

Keeping it Clean and Green - Avocado Kale Smoothie
I thought I'd share my favorite breakfast idea because clients often ask me, "What do you eat?" This is an example of my daily regimen- something ready in a flash and packed with nutrient rich ingredients-
1 avocado
1/2 frozen banana
3 dates
1 cup coconut water
handful of organic kale
1 teaspoon turmeric
Pinch cayenne
1 tablespoon spirulina
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
Blend all together until smooth.

Top with crunchy bee pollen and a sprinkle of sea salt

January 30, 2016

We live in the age of technology and instant gratification that makes it so easy to forget the reward of a journey and the grounding patience with a process. This is increasingly apparent in most people’s approach to health. Conditioned to expect rapid results, we go on these 3, 5, 7 day juice cleanses without really applying any logic into what our body actually needs and what our schedules can handle. A cleanse, in my opinion, is a stressful experience. It requires radical change and undying patience not to mention, the hurdle of hunger. It requires a light workload, lots of sleep and hot baths. I approach a cleanse like a job and treat it like a religious experience. I know exactly what I need when I am cleansing and that is space, time alone, and time off. I know what works for me and trying to cleanse while working a full schedule or surrounding myself with lots of people and activities is a setup for failure because I get easily stressed out by stimuli or even the smallest of demands. I basically lock myself away like a monk in isolation for as long as it takes. So I plan ahead and use up my vacation time to devote to my health. It's investing in me and my well being and longevity. So many of us come back from time off saying we need a vacation from the vacation… usually because we over indulged. Wouldn't it be great to take a hiatus from work and turn our home into a personal retreat, complete with healthy green and clean eating, meditation, yoga, and lots of sleep?

So why can't we cleanse in 3 days? We are all exposed to chemicals, genetically modified foods, toxic fumes, and many other poisons on a daily basis. In addition we have contributed to our toxic life with alcohol, white sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners, processed meats, the list goes on. It takes years to build layers of toxicity and years to break your body down so, do you really think that you can reverse it all in a matter of days? I know I didn’t.

Two years ago I found myself in a life transition which afforded me a few months off. I knew I had the golden opportunity to create my own personal retreat. I made the commitment to cleanse my body in 30 days.   I juiced for the first 15 days, then ate strictly plant based for the next 2 weeks. I did a complete colon cleanse with a series of colonics and noticed the cravings for the old lifestyle were dissipating. I did hot yoga daily to sweat out the toxins and found my body in the best shape of its life. I also spent that time facing some raw truths about my issues around food and emotional eating. I needed to detach myself from the fear of eating and heal my relationship with my body. I finally after many attempts was able to give up alcohol, but know it's the toughest thing to do.  Drinking had become a way of life for me for years and no longer served me in a healthy way. With my devotion to a clean body, it became easier to skip the nightly glasses of wine and turn to soothing teas and hot baths. 

All my friends and family thought I had lost my mind. They didn’t understand the importance or benefits of the constant cleansing and clean eating but I did this for me and I stuck with it because it worked.   It was not easy at first but it is now my way of life. As time went on the Universe took care of me and I was blessed to have people in my life who understood and supported my journey.  

The most important tool in my transition was colon hydrotherapy. It got me through the worst part of detox and made the transition to a plant based diet so much easier. It also helped me release emotional garbage which was stuck in my body since I was a child; things I was holding onto that were making me sick. I believe our guts are tied directly to our emotional health and if are digestive systems are upset, we will be too.

My journey in detoxing and in seeking ultimate wellness led me to become very sick before I could get better. It wasn't easy and led me down a dark path before I could live in the light. I almost destroyed my health before I found a way to health. Nobody attains perfect health because we live in a toxic world, do toxic things, meet toxic people, but we don't have to participate in the disease. We can choose wellness over illness anytime then just deal with the residual things we can't control. I decided to become a hydro colon therapist because I wanted an active part in detoxifying people and their bodies. I wanted to be a catalyst of change and be part of the solution instead of the problem. I believe passionately in this practice as a life changer. I want to help people on their journeys to a better body and a better life. I have seen clients bounce out of my office feeling they had a new body. I have seen people eliminate chronic pain, get rid of their fibroids, get off their medication and shed more weight than they could ever hope to. These are what I like to call small and large miracles. After years of seeing these results, not only for myself but for so many other people it breaks my heart when I see the ‘quick fix’ cleanses that people are doing these days. It takes time and it takes mindful practice and the ability to engage in new emerging habits that will turn into lifestyle commitments.

When the body is cleansing you need to break down layers of toxicity but at the same time you need to build up a support system for your body.  You cannot just deprive your body of certain foods for a few days, drink some juices and be done with it. Where is the toxicity going?

Colon hydrotherapy helps build back the layers of health. By removing toxins permanently from the body rather than displacing them elsewhere, the organs and tissues have the energy to rebuild, repair and heal. Colon hydrotherapy prepares your body for a brand new dietary choice, helping to eliminate the cravings for the food that you just can't seem to give up. Most of all, it takes out the unhealthy bad bacteria that upsets the intestinal flora and if you diligently take your probiotics after your session, your good bacteria will build up to healthy levels. Going on a 3 day juice diet expecting a brand new body is unrealistic especially if it took you years to get this toxic, it's going to take some time to recover.

I see colon hydrotherapy as physical therapy for the digestive system and a boost to your second brain, giving it well needed support so it can work effectively to bring a sense of well being into your mind.

"If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?"

So if you are going to clean house. Do it right. Deep clean your body the same way by removing layers of buildup and taking out the garbage. Investing in a solid cleanse will set you up for life change that will resonate daily with your new intentions.



July 8, 2016 I'm on Day 3 of the Master Cleanse. I do this cleanse once a year right after July 4th weekend. It has never failed me if I do it right and if I stick with it. My goal is to create space within for healing and simplicity, to reconnect with my relationship with food, to clean up my cravings for anything unhealthy and to purify my systems. I recommend this cleanse as a great beginning for anyone interested in transitioning to a plant based diet. Colonics are a must on any cleanse to help rid the body quickly of toxins that can make you feel awful. I feel great today! - it's amazing how much energy I have. Most cleanses are hard to stick to because of how uncomfortable we feel during the cleansing crisis- that stage where toxins are moving through your body causing headaches, body aches, fatigue, cravings, etc. Getting a colonic moves toxins out at a faster pace so that we don't have to feel all these side effects with such intensity. My biggest challenge with the cleanse is being separated from eating the foods that bring me joy. This in itself helps me reconnect to my true sense of hunger rather than an emotional need for food. The cleanse has brought up many emotional waves for me in just 3 days. I had a breakthrough regarding why it's difficult for me to talk about certain things - why talking about those things gives me anxiety. I also realized that the reason I had some tough times with my health lately was because I was eating the wrong foods. All this came up in 3 days because I cleared out food altogether and focused on cleansing my colon which I believe is the foundation of our emotional and physical well being.